The Faculty mission is to:

• organize and perform scientific and teaching work for the education of graduate staff for needs of enterprises and other public activities in the field of civil engineering with degrees: civil engineer, bachelor of civil engineering and master of civil engineering;

• organize and perform scientific and teaching work for the acquirement of the scientific degree of Doctor of Philosophy;

• organize systematic following and utilization of scientific achievements and to prepare the personnel for independent scientific research;

• provide conditions for the production of textbooks and handbooks for needs of the scientific and teaching process;

• harmonize, directly or via other institutions, needs of enterprises with contemporary scientific and technological development;

• cooperate with other scientific-research and higher education institutions, in the country and abroad, in the organization and improvement of joint scientific projects and teaching work. In this respect, the Faculty has especially good cooperation with the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Geodesy at the University of Split from the Republic of Croatia.